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Shyla and Natasha Meet Mr. Marcus


It would be a proper Ivan movie without some black lights and glow paints, as we get a nice introduction to this lovely lady. who is all kinds of trouble, and I mean that in a good way. I was an art major in college, painting was never my favorite, but I am willing to give it another chance if Natasha is involved. A brief interview before we get to our first scene, and talk about a flashback, with Shyla and Mr Marcus. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen both of these people, and one for more obvious reasons of course. The ladies are getting hot and heavy, but they are missing one little thing, so they call Marcus and invite him over for some fun. The ladies continue to warm each other up, with plenty of kisses and of course, some love for the plentiful boobs in this scene. The cock is quickly out and both ladies get to spend some time showing their oral appreciation to his mighty sword, although perhaps not so mighty right away. Shyla gets first crack, as he slides in for some missionary, and gets her vocal until Natasha takes a seat on her face. And when Natasha gets her turn, so brings the energy level up to 11 as she rides him, really getting some height on her jumps, talk about making a great first impression. As the Natasha booty show continues, she let’s Shyla give her booty a few slaps before she flips around and the booty show becomes the boob show, with the same great energy. Back to Shyla, as he slides in for some doggy, as Natasha is there for some spit support, keeping things nice and wet. And let’s just say, Shyla is not lacking in the energy department either. She reaches back and gives her booty hole a little teasing with her fingers, but that maybe all we get, and I spoke too soon, as he slides his cock deep into Shyla’s booty hole. It might be Natasha’s movie but it seems Shyla is going to get the custard deposit in her mouth, with a little sharing with Natasha before this one comes to a close.

Date: January 23, 2023

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