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Vanessa – Matador 10: Motor Sex Free-riders


Under cover of darkness, the gang rolls into a biker bar where they find the landlady, brassy blonde Vanessa, is less than welcoming. They threaten to smash the place up, but settle for taking out their frustration on her ass. Again, Vanessa is not to my taste with her harsh looks and large inflated breasts, and she makes the same kind of reaction for much of the scene whether they are banging her pussy or ass. There’s plenty of DP action and another round of heavy facials (though again the editing needs sharpening – why include what seems like minutes of Franco vainly trying to spill his load?), though once again the banter, especially from Frank Gun, is really awful. Funny, and has to be heard to be believed. But still awful. Anyway, after they’ve had their wicked way with her, the guys decide to smash up Vanessa’s pub just for the hell of it. After they’ve roared off into he night, a detective (Le Castel) turns up and assures the distraught Vanessa that he’ll take care of them.

Date: January 13, 2023

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