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Pirate Deluxe 11: Academy – Full Movie


Pirate Deluxe 11: Academy (2000)

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Rumika Powers, Silvia Saint, Lexington Steele
Scene 2. Rumika Powers, Tamara N-Joy, Thomas Stone
Scene 3. Monica Moore, Monica Sweetheart, Sandra Russo, Zita, George Uhl, Thomas Stone
Scene 4. Daniella Rush, Kathy Heart, Monica Sweetheart, Sandra Russo, Tamara N-Joy, David Perry
Scene 5. Daniella Rush, Lea De Mae, Dick Nasty, Guy DiSilva
Scene 6. Daniella Rush, Kathy Heart, Lea De Mae, Monica Moore, Monica Sweetheart, Rumika Powers, Sandra Russo, Silvia Saint, Tamara N-Joy, Zita, David Perry, Dick Nasty, George Uhl, Guy DiSilva, Thomas Stone
Scene 7. Sandra Russo, Frank Thring

Scene 1 (Rumica, Silvia Saint, Lexington Steele)
Sex Acts: Anal
When the scene starts you can see an American street at night. Very soon you can see Lexington Steele sitting with a ball gag in his mouth. Rumica and Silvia are both wearing black fetish clothes. Both girls are wearing red gloves Silvia is very good looking, as always. Silvia takes off his gag and he licks the girl’s booths. Very soon both girls starts sucking his big black cock. Lexington fucks the pussies of both girls. Then Silvia gets fucked in the ass in the reverse cowgirl position. When Lexington is finished, he shoots his load on the girl’s faces. Then a guy enters the scene and tells Silvia that she was incredible. He asks her where she has learned to take big cocks in her ass and do filthy things. She says that she has been to a special training school.

Scene 2 (George, Monica Moore, Tamara N-Joy, Rumica, Sandra Russo, Thomas Stone, Monika Sweetheart, Zita)
Sex Acts: Anal, Double Penetration, Lesbian
Silvia is now Mediterranean. She says that her American producer didn’t believe her, but that this training school does exist. This training school is on a secret location in the southern part of France in a beautiful villa. When she is explaining more about the training school we see come girls doing a workout. At the next moment the trainer is massaging Rumica. Rumica is wearing a pink latex thong. He also massages Tamara who is also wearing pink latex clothes. He also plays with her pussy. At the next moment we see Zita, who plays an instructor at the training school. Monika Sweetheart, Sandra Russo and Monica Moore are her students. All the girls are wearing sexy fetish clothes. The girls start sucking the cocks of the two guys very soon. Also Zita is sucking cock. When Sandra is kissing Zita’s breasts, Monica and Monika are getting fucked in the spoon position. The guy who is fucking Monica suddenly shoots his load on her red boots. Sandra swallows the cum. Then Zita gets fucked in the reverse cowgirl position. The other guy fucks Sandra’s asshole in the spoon position. Both guys dp Monika and Sandra. At the end of the scene the guys shoot their loads on the girl’s faces.

Scene 3 (Katy, Tamara N-Joy, David Perry, Daniella Rush, Sandra Russo, Monika Sweetheart, Frank Thring)
Sex Acts: Anal, ATOGM, Gapes
Sandra enters the bathroom. When she is inside she starts playing with herself. Frank is watching through the keyhole of the door. She takes off her clothes, plays with her pussy and takes a shower. After this short “scene” we see Frank teaching an English class. Sandra, Tamara, Katy and Monika are his students. He isn’t satisfied and then Daniella and David enter the “class room”. Again all the girls are wearing beautiful latex fetish clothes. When David is naked Daniella teaches to girls how to suck his dick. All the girls have to suck his cock. When they are finished they are in a row in the doggie position. David lubes their assholes using his fingers. The girls suck his cock again. Then he fucks all the girls in the ass in the doggie position. Some of the girl’s asses are gaping. All the girls get assfucked again in the reverse cowgirl position and they also taste each other’s ass juices. David shoots his load on the faces of two of the girls of this scene. They girls also swap some cum.

Scene 4 (Lea DeMae, Dick Nasty, Daniella Rush, Guy DiSilva)
Sex Acts: Anal
We seen some shots of the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. Silvia gives a short explanation of this Film Festival. Suddenly the next sex scene starts. Daniella and Lea are sucking the dicks of two guys. Then one of the guys fucks Daniella from behind and in the ass when she is lying on a bed on her back. When he is finished he shoots his load on her face and we see the other guy fucking Lea on a balcony. She gets fucked in the ass in the reverse cowgirl position.

Scene 5 (All the performers)
Sex Acts: Anal, ATOGM, Double Penetration
All the performers of the movie are in a big room. They are chatting and talking to each other. After a few minutes the girls start sucking the cocks of the guys. Then we can see lots of pussy and ass fucking. Some of the girls taste each other’s ass juices. The guys dp Lea and then they start shooting their loads on the girl’s faces. When this scene has finished we see Sandra and Frank again. Sandra is wearing black fetish clothes now. She teases him and sucks his cock until he shoots a load on her face.

Date: February 14, 2023

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