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Perverted Stories 6: Totally Perverted – Full Movie


Perverted Stories 6: Totally Perverted (1996)

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Tameya Jewel, Dave Hardman, Johnny Thrust
Scene 2. Alex Dane, JMeyers
Scene 3. Nyrobi, Dave Hardman, Warren Scott
Scene 4. Candy Apples, Jimmy Z., Santino Lee, Slim Jim

Jim Powers always seems to have a ton of perverted shit up his sleeve. This line started as his own little vignette line that featured every kind of wild sexual fun you can imagine. (And a few that no one could have imagined.) There are plenty of politically incorrect stories told in these movies, lots of masks, usually a fair amount of goo spread all over the place. Powers-favorites Alex Dane and Candy Apples are on hand to do their part and try to bring us a somewhat perverted, hopefully highly strokeable flick. Powers kicks off each scene with a little introduction, giving his dialog from a jail cell.
The first scene stars poor Jameya Jewels as a lost blonde girl who wanders into the wrong backwoods welding shop. She is an average looking girl with a very dated hairstyle who won’t have to worry about that in just a few moments. Dave Hardman is one of two inbred brothers who molest her in welding masks. They take her tits out, but are more interested in what she can do on her knees. Jameya sucks both cocks quite nicely, but she still has limited appeal. Now naked, she is a little soft around the middle and her pussy is a little less than pristine. That doesn’t stop the guys from banging her twat, her ass and then both at the same time. After dropping a pair of loads on her face, they tell her they have no phone and leave her crying.
Alex Dane has just settled in for a good night’s sleep when her fully grown baby starts to cry. When a bottle and a gentle hung can’t quiet his wailing, she does what comes naturally and slips his dick into her mouth. Someone needs to check this guy’s pulse because he can’t seem to get his prick hard no matter how hard she sucks. During a long 69, he eventually gets wood and she mounts his rod. Alex sits up proudly, sticking out her tiny tits and giving us a great view of her pretty face and beautiful hair. They do a very long mish fuck, but the high angle shots really show off Alex well as she flails and wails with his meat buried in her snatch. After using baby food, a bottle and toys on her pussy, he puts his dick right up her ass. She takes a hard and hot ass fuck and then gets her pretty face blasted. Once again, Alex Dane has given us reason to watch and stroke with a smile.
Nyrobi Knight stops to take a leak and gets a good look at some dude dressed up like a chicken. She puts him into her car and they find a quiet place to spread feed all over each other. This is strange foreplay, but Nyrobi looks great in her cut off shorts so it’s fun to watch. She starts sucking his cock and this guy is able to keep his prick hard for the talented chick as she uses her skills. He rolls on top of her and really starts slamming into her. Nyrobi has her feet up on his shoulders as he just rams as hard as he can. Her energy in this scene is really good and in the middle of this hot fuck, farmer Hardman shows up and adds his dick to the mix. Dave eventually works her ass and shares a DP with his human chicken. They cum all over her face, ending a messy, very weird scene.
Candy Apples plays a very naive white girl in Little Bo Peep curls who wanders into a warehouse and confronts too really angry homeless black guys. She is looking for her dog and isn’t going to escape until they fuck the shit out of her. They start by playing with her pussy and shoving dicks into her mouth. This is before Candy went overboard with the tats and pumped up her tits. She is a little soft in the middle, but she looks ready to go. Candy gives great head and really works hard with the big dick in her mouth. The guys take turns fucking her from behind, from the front and every way they can think of. Just about the time she has a dick buried in her ass, Candy finds herself looking at a third dick. She doesn’t hesitate for a second. Santino Lee works his way through the oral and anal train. Her body gets used and stretched in every hole as the guys fuck their way to three big loads. In the end, Candy is wearing enough cum to choke a lesser whore, but she loves every drop.
The women and the stories in this line have gotten better over the years. Even with three quality porn sluts, this one falls flat too often. The opening scene is pretty much a total loss. The girl isn’t very good looking and the heat is low. Alex Dane does her best to make her scene hot. The guy can’t get hard for a long time, but she is still the best reason to watch this movie. Her scene is the only one I would watch again. Nyrobi is usually hot, but her scene is just a tad too weird even for this series. Candy does a nice job in her interracial four way. She looks better in this scene than she does these days, but the male talent is lacking a bit. Still, she gives us the second best reason to watch. Unless you’re really a fan of either Alex or Candy, there isn’t a lot to recommend here.

Date: December 31, 2022

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